Foxglove Montessori will be a thriving community of children, parents, and staff - in the Midtown area of Kansas City - working to…

  • appreciate our school and each other

  • understand and support Montessori ideas and practices
  • communicate and problem solve in open and honest ways
  • create school/home partnerships to support all our children’s development and learning.

We will... 

  • use and teach problem-solving tools to all community members, children, families and staff members.

  • offer fun relationship building activities through out the year, i.e. open houses, picnics. etc.
  • seek first to understand, then to be understood.
  • support all community members by listening
  • offer a quality Montessori program with on-going information to all our community members about Montessori and child development principles.
  • offer friendly reminders of what it means to be part of our school community
  • step up when we see a problem.
  • have the difficult conversations when necessary.
  • ask for help when we need it. 





Future Vision: Provide high quality Montessori education in an urban setting at an affordable cost to 2.5 - 6 year olds while fostering a network of families personally invested in the Montessori method. We will be a micro school with a cap. rate of 15 students, 2 teachers and parent assistants.


Time Frame: We are currently seeking a space for our Montessori Community and hope to hire a certified Montessori teacher by January 2017 to work with 2.5 -5 year olds and their parents. 


Proposed Days: We are leaning towards 3 full (9 hour) days for the first few months with the potential of expanding to full-time as we grow and our needs change. This is, of course, open to discussion with our current families.


Tuition Costs: A main goal of our school is to keep a Montessori education accessible. Our initial cost will be $6,120/year ($510 a month) plus a $35 application fee and a $200 partially refundable deposit. Costs are calculated at approximately 85% of other high quality Montessori schools in the Kansas City area. We will offer a limited number of scholarships to families that can demonstrate financial need and hope to reduce costs as our school matures.


Our Model: We are loosely basing our model on the Wildflower Schools, an innovative approach to Montessori education started by Sep Kemvar and the MIT Media Lab. Learn more about their core principles.


Proposed Structure and Value to Families: Our school will (eventually) be led by two teachers, who continuously strive to create a developmentally appropriate and enriching learning environment for children, and families who are personally invested in the Montessori Method. We will seek to create a learning environment that moves fluidly between school, home and community, nesting children within a rich context of opportunities and individuals centered on their growth and flexible to change when that growth demands. With our commitment to keeping our school small, families will also build friendships and become a part of a close network of other Montessori families in the midtown/downtown area.


Family Engagement: In the Montessori educational program, parent involvement in the learning process is considered crucial. According to Maria Montessori, children learn from their environment. Adults promote the learning process by serving as the dynamic link between the environment and the child. That is, learning is not seen as the mere passing of information from the teacher to the student. Rather, it is the process through which the child gains insight about life from daily experiences, whether at school or elsewhere. Thus teaching is a joint responsibility of the school and the family. We ask parents to donate ~ 2 hours a week to the operations of the school. 


Continuity Between School and Home: In keeping with the Montessori philosophy, our program strives to maintain continuity between the school and the home. To attain this continuity, a varied series of parent activities will be developed and implemented throughout the year. We hope that all parents will become involved through classroom observations, parent teacher conferences, discussions, parent education nights, open house for students and their families, material-making workshops, field trips and other special events.  The more parents can understand the experiences of the child in the classroom, the better able they are to follow through at home. When parents follow through at home, the child benefits even more because they have a consistent environment in which to grow and develop as a secure, well-adjusted human being.


Our Need: We are looking for families with an entrepreneurial spirit who would like to join our group and can help us use our resources creatively to find innovative solutions to start and full-fill our vision. One of our most important goals is finding families who share our vision for the school and enthusiasm for the Montessori method and want to join us in forming meaningful community in an urban environment. We are also seeking 1-2 board members, especially anyone with a legal or financial background.


We are also starting to build the capital for our program and welcome any donations.


Next Steps:  Contact Us if you would like more information about being on our board or joining our school in our first batch of families.