Start-up capital, scholarships, community outreach and additional class programs



Broadening Our Community
We are a small school of no more than 15 students. We have an intimate teacher-student ratio of 8:1 or better, and we thrive on extensive parent involvement. On principle, Foxglove Montessori mobilizes and repurposes existing community resources. Our very low tuition is one of the better deals in town, but our tuition is still out of reach for some families. We want to provide:

  • More scholarships for tuition assistance
  • Field trips and community outreach
  • Education programs for parents in our communities, especially to families in need

Experiential Learning
Foxglove Montessori is a Montessori learning lab which aims to address the needs of the children.  We hope to expose children to working professionals: from authors to dancers, visual artists to musicians, chefs to librarians, yoga practitioners to actors. To meet this goal, we need to attract, retain, and enhance our community partnerships.


How You Can Help

We are currently looking into gaining our not-for-profit 501(c)3 status, at which point we will be ready to accept tax-deductible donations. In the meantime, if you would like to contribute to our cause and help establish a unique educational learning environment which bridges the gap between parents and educators, pre-K children and their Kansas City community, you may do so through Paypal or with a secure credit card transaction.


Volunteer your time to bring your skill to our children or engage with them at your place of work.


Be part of the solution. Help us educate young people, build community, and place children at the heart of Kansas City’s urban core.